Your Goals Must Mean Something to YOU

This tip essentially means that your goals must be of personal benefit to you in the long run. Don’t even bother to set goals for things you do not want. You must make sure that each goal you set, no matter how little, is very important to you and will be of utmost benefit to your overall purpose in life.

Identify your life’s passions and purpose. That will help you to determine your unique strength, skills, talents, passions, and abilities. Once you have been able to determine all of these various personal advantages, you will be better able to clarify your life’s purpose and primary objectives.

Next, you need to be clear about what it will take physically, emotionally, intellectually, and financially for you to achieve those set goals. You will need to project into the future to determine whether your set goals align with your life’s purpose. It will also make it clear whether the future you’ve planned for yourself has negative consequences or positive rewards.

By performing a thorough assessment of your future with the goals you have put in place today, you will gain further leverage and find more reasons to pursue them. You will also take yourself through a questioning process and discover the type of person you will need to become to realize your goals. And finally, you will be better equipped to face the possible challenges that may arise while in pursuit of your goals.

If your goals are not something you seriously want to achieve, or perhaps what you’ve written down are not especially relevant to you, it is doubtful that you will succeed. You’re unlikely to put in the effort required if deep down your goals don’t resonate with you.

Reaching a goal is going to take work, so it needs to be something that you’re passionate about, and something you need to accomplish. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you to the goal? With 10 being total commitment and 1 being zero commitment, what’s your score? If you fall anywhere below 8, then you should reconsider your goal and rewrite it.

Many people fall into the trap of trying to achieve goals set for them by other people. If you fall into this category, then you must realize you will never attain your maximum potential. You’ll never be motivated enough unless you become responsible for your goals and align them for your benefit in the long run.

Your Goals Should Excite You

You should be passionate about the goals you set yourself. They should be things that give you a burning desire to fulfill. Thinking about them and pursuing them should fill you with vigor and passion. If your goals don’t excite you, then you will find an excuse not to follow through. If you aren’t excited by your goals, spend some time redefining them. What would make you excited? Perhaps they should be smaller, or perhaps more significant? Maybe something entirely different and reconfiguring them is okay. It’s all about you and what you want your life to be. Be honest with yourself; it’s ok.

Without having a burning desire to accomplish your goals, you will struggle to find the motivation you need to overcome all the obstacles, problems, and adversities that you’ll inevitably encounter along your journey.

So, begin with the goals that are highest on your priority list. Try not to get overwhelmed by the volume of tasks that you need to complete. For the best results, start simply. Break down them according to their highest sense of urgency – leave only the top one or two overall goals that you need to accomplish.

Recognize that pursuing motivation isn’t valid. Don’t waste your time on chasing a goal if you know that you are not ready to follow through to the end. Instead, come up with a “smaller” goal that feels more doable. Once you reach that one, you can upgrade to the larger one.

Today’s Task:

What is the thing that excites you the MOST about having a successful blog?  What is YOUR “why” for working so hard to build a blog?  Write the answer down on a bright piece of paper and put it somewhere you’ll see it often!


August 29, 2018