Why Do You Need a Blogging and Content Strategy?

Is it possible to succeed online without having plans, systems and schedules in place? Maybe, but it certainly doesn’t make life easy for you. If the creation and delivery of blog posts, videos, ad campaigns and other content-related interactions with your audience is not scheduled regularly, 2 bad things happen.

1 – Your sales, and therefore profits, are up and down. So is your traffic. You never have any way to know from one day to the next what to expect from your business.

2 – You lose readers and viewers. This happens because your audience is hungry for information, and after several days or even weeks in a row of not hearing from you, they will go somewhere else to get the information and help they seek.

This brings us to the first benefit of a clearly defined strategy regarding content production and delivery… you benefit from a constant traffic stream. As mentioned above, this is important for you and your audience. Your followers stay engaged, and they know to depend on blog posts, emails, videos and other forms of content on a regular basis.

This keeps them happy, and they grow to like and respect you, since you are regularly giving them answers to the questions that nag them. You reliably and routinely solve big problems in the lives of your prospects, and they reward you with loyalty, traffic, sales and profits.

Plans and Schedules Make Your Job Easier

No matter how much you love being an online entrepreneur, some days the thoughts just don’t come. You stare at a blank spreadsheet on your laptop or PC, and struggle for content creation ideas. When you have systems in place that take the guesswork out of every step of the content research, creation and delivery processes, those days don’t happen.

When you have a plan of attack for your business, everything you do is easier. After weeks or months of following a particular plan, your brain knows what you are going to do before you even crawl out of bed in the morning. There are more than a few studies that show the human brain craves order and discipline. It likes standard operating procedures and systems. It just functions better when it knows what you are going to do today, tomorrow, this week, next week and next month.

Simply put, a clearly defined approach to how you handle the content side of your business just makes your life easier.

More is Better… As Long as You Create Quality

You have a lot of competition out there. The more content you create and disseminate to the World Wide Web, the better chance you have at turning your blogging efforts into a successful online business. When your strategy regarding content is clearly defined, you end up with more content than if you just decide to wing it and take a daily “What will I do today?” approach.

It’s easy to tell yourself you are going to write one really great blog post each week. If you don’t have that commitment down on paper, on a calendar or schedule, it may not happen. When you fall back on a proven system, rather than just hoping you can find some time every week or month to create the content you need for your business, you end up with more content on your blog or website.

You also connect more with prospects and customers through email, YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels. You have more content for other bloggers in your niche to refer to their followers. More is always better in terms of content, as long as you take the time to create quality pieces of media. The best content marketing strategy will fail every time if you simply create low-quality junk just because your calendar says you need to write a blog post today.

The Search Engines Will Love You

You probably understand that Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines have virtual spiders that “crawl” the web. Their goal is to index every single page of content on the World Wide Web. The more content you create, whether it be video, text, graphics or some other form of media, the better understanding search engines get about what you are trying to communicate.

This means a deeper understanding of what your blog or website is about. This is extremely important for search engine rankings. While it is true that more pages and more content don’t automatically guarantee better search engine optimization, they do give you a better chance at being found by search engine spiders.

A Higher Perceived Level of Authority

Don’t underestimate the power of reputation online. It is absolutely everything, and can make or break your business. People purchase things from other people they know, like and trust. You have probably heard that before, since this mantra is pounded into the heads of bloggers and online entrepreneurs all the time. There is a very good reason you constantly hear about the importance of becoming an authority figure in your market.

Who are the people you admire in your life? No doubt you respect them because they have developed some level of authority, in your eyes. You know you can turn to them for dependable and accurate information in some field or area of expertise. This is the level of authority you enjoy when your audience sees you constantly creating amazing content that solves serious problems in their lives. You benefit from a much higher perceived level of authority with a step-by-step content strategy.

If you need more reasons why the 5-step content strategy revealed in this report is so important for the success of your blog, here are a few that should grab your attention.

  • You get better conversion rates when you have plenty of content to split test.
  • The number of followers you create on social media sites improves dramatically when a social media marketing plan is included in your content strategy.
  • You have more opportunities for referral traffic from respected blogs and websites in your niche.
  • You establish deeper, fuller relationships with your audience.
  • Marketing and advertising savings are yours, because following a content creation and delivery plan means lots of free traffic.
  • A plan shows you what works, which saves resources because you can stop investing time, money and energy into strategies that don’t help you or your business.
  • It attaches a specific set of goals and results to each piece of content you create, which means a much better chance at getting the results you are looking for.

The first step to benefiting from a proven 5-step process for content planning, generation and distribution is being crystal clear on your target audience.


August 18, 2018