Website and Blog Design Mistakes

Not Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. That makes sense, because research shows that more people spend time on a mobile device when accessing the Internet than on a traditional desktop or laptop computer. This means that people will be interacting with your blog or website on a relatively small display. Whether you build your own web property or have someone else do it for you, make sure it is responsive.

Responsive is a web design term that means the software used to build your website automatically responds to the size of a display it is viewed on. A responsive blog or site will instantly change its appearance so it looks good whether someone views it from a small smartphone screen, a large desk monitor, a 10-inch tablet or 15.6-inch laptop screen. Ignore the massive mobile audience to your own peril.

Making Your Blog or Website Too “Busy”

It can be easy to get carried away when you are designing your blog. Whenever you build a website for affiliate marketing purposes or to sell your information product, you may want to include everything but the kitchen sink. People are inundated with marketing messages these days.

In almost every case, a simple, minimal, clutter-free web design is the way to go. This eliminates distraction and cuts down on analysis paralysis. You should have a minimal number of options on every one of your web properties. This lets you clearly dictate the call to action you want your visitors to take and makes it quick and easy for your followers to consume your information.

Not Building an Email List

Several times in this report on common Internet marketing mistakes we will mention the power of building a list. The first and foremost task you should prioritize when creating an online business is how you are going to generate and maintain a list of email subscribers.

Email marketing is intimate. When you send an email out to your list, it may be going out to 5,000 subscribers. However, each person reading that email believes that you are speaking to them and them alone. This is a very powerful connection.

Place an opt-in form in the upper right corner of your home page, and every page of your website or blog. Entice someone to join your list by providing them with a valuable freebie or some other type of opt-in bribe. The best time to start building an email list was yesterday, and the second-best time is today. If you have not been actively growing and interacting with your email list, start today.

Ignoring the Power of Apps

Did you know that 90% of the time people access the web from a mobile device they do so through an app? Apps are collections of software or code that perform specific functions. Creating apps to represent your blog, your products or yourself is important, because applications must be downloaded to a computer, tablet or phone before they are used.

This means a person will have a dedicated icon reminding them of your application anytime they use their Internet enabled devices. If you simply have a website or blog and no app, there is no constant reminder that improves the odds that someone will read your content or buy your products. Offer your app on your website and make it easy to download.

August 18, 2018