The Worst Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Not Building an Email List (Yes, We Are Harping on This Subject Again)

This mistake was mentioned earlier when we talked about building your web properties. We will spend a lot of time here, except to remind you that if you are not building and interacting with an email list, there is pretty much no reason to be an affiliate marketer.

Relying on Free, Generic Search Engine Traffic

The best way to guarantee that you will get people to your affiliate offers is to pay for traffic. If you only cross your fingers and hope Google and the other search engines will send you plenty of free traffic, people that are perfect for your offer, you are not taking control of the situation. There are plenty of paid advertising choices online. Experiment with a few, stick to those that convert the best, and your affiliate marketing career will be more successful.

Selling Instead of Helping

Affiliate marketers are in the business of selling other people’s products and services. Then the affiliate marketer gets a piece of each sale, a commission. So you can be forgiven if you are constantly thinking about sales, sales, sales. However, when you first strive to solve problems and answer questions in the minds of your audience, those much-needed sales will take care of themselves.

Build a blog and start posting valuable content regularly. Don’t ask for the sale all of the time. At least half of the content you post as an affiliate marketer should be geared towards establishing trust with your audience. You do this by helping them. It’s okay to ask for a sale every now and then, but you should also be actively assisting your audience in an attempt to help them improve their quality of living.

Not Being 100% SURE of The Products Your Recommending

You are trying to build trust with your readers – recommending shoddy products is the best way to LOSE their trust.  Be sure that the products you recommend are reputable and/or that you have actually tried them yourself before recommending them to your readers!

August 18, 2018