The Power of Goal Setting

Goals are a way to measure your level of success – they keep you in check, giving you a sense of purpose and direction. They help keep you focused while providing you with a realistic benchmark to determine if you’re succeeding. By setting goals, you create a plan for what you want in your life.

Like so many other people around the world today, there is no doubt that you have many things you would like to achieve, things that are very important to you as an individual or to your organization. These things vary from one person to the other, and so does their relative degree of importance.

They could be aspects of your life relating to your health, wellbeing, career/business, finances, family, relationship, spiritual, and so on. Goal setting makes it possible for you to acquire and achieve all of these things.

Goal setting is a very important habit that comes with a lot of extraordinary benefits if pursued steadfastly. Unfortunately, most people never truly appreciate the value of cultivating the habit of goal setting. They ignorantly undermine its significance without giving forethought to the tremendous psychological impact that the setting of goals can have on their lives.

Sometimes, people hate to set goals because they usually feel bad if they fail to achieve them. So, to avoid the disappointment, they practically shove the idea out the window. However, by taking the time to look at the extraordinary benefits that goal setting provides, you will quickly realize how this simple habit can transform your entire life. 

Benefits of Setting Goals

When you set clear, passionate, and definitive goals, you will gain a renewed energy and a sense of purpose and direction that encourages you to take decisive action. You will discover that this process increases your desire, passion, and motivation.

Also, by following through with every goal you set for yourself, you will develop more certainty and clarity as you move toward your desired objective. The process of goal setting instills in you the courage to set even bigger goals and take on bigger challenges.

According to one study, 21 percent of goal-setting, high-achieving organizations were more productive than their counterparts. That study also revealed that 69 percent of the companies surveyed admitted that the most efficient way to build a high-performance team was through setting communication business goals. We can see that goal setting is critical to the growth and advancement of every person, whether on a personal or professional level.

Goal setting also helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It will vividly indicate any shortcomings in critical areas and encourages you to work on them. Perhaps there are specific skills you need to master or knowledge or resources you need to acquire. You may need to garner support, etc. All of these are requirements for attaining your goal and will drive you to exert more effort at exploring new avenues for self-education and personal growth.

It also assists in unraveling the various unfulfilled desires that have been dwelling in your subconscious mind for years. Many times, we are hindered by the lack of goal setting and end up discarding certain desires we may be nurturing. However, with a new resolution to cultivate the habit of goal setting, you will find yourself resurrecting those desires you once abandoned and pursuing them with more passion and zeal. 

Another benefit to note is that smart goal-setting is a process of personal growth and development that will enhance your self-image. It is a real confidence booster that allows you to see your objectives with an assured expectation of accomplishment. When you have no concrete goals, your life becomes empty, even though sometimes you may not realize it.

When you begin actively setting clear, defined, and passionate goals, you acknowledge that you are now entirely responsible for your life. This realization automatically helps you to energize your body, and as time goes on, its effect will begin to manifest in several other ostensibly unrelated areas of your life. You will immediately experience a psychological shift in your manner of thinking about your life.

Responsibility comes with a higher clarity of mind and improved decision-making ability. You will begin to act more decisively and proactively in the pursuit of your goals and objectives. Without goals, however, you become lazy and disorganized. Such a situation can only lead to disaster because you will become vulnerable to whatever negative circumstances life throws at you.

Goals give you a clear focus on a specific aspect or area of your life. When you resolve to start setting goals in your life, you will find that your decision-making almost immediately improves. The goals you set will propel you to make choices, decisions, actions, behaviors, and habits that align with that particular objective to bring it to reality.

You also develop an innate ability to prioritize your activities and tasks in ways that enable you to manage your time and efforts effectively. You will not get swayed easily by other people’s opinions, decisions, actions, and behaviors because you will be fully confident in your abilities.

There may be certain circumstances that you cannot have total control over, however. Nonetheless, whatever situation you happen to find yourself in you will be able to control your sense of purpose and your intention. Therefore, if any unforeseen circumstance presents itself, you will be better equipped to deal with it decisively and to continue along your intended path.

It is also important to recognize that successful people have an inspiring sense of purpose that drives them. It would be practically impossible for them to achieve their desires without that drive. Or they would only be able to find a little success. However, with an inspiring sense of purpose, they can accomplish things way beyond imagination.

So, whether you’re experiencing changing circumstances, events, opinions, or perspectives, goal setting provides a way to protect yourself from yielding to the chaos that sometimes comes on the wind of change. It gives you a sense of control over different aspects of your life. Ultimately, you will be able to steer the direction in which your life is going based on the goals that have the most significant personal and professional influence on your life.

The process of goal setting empowers you with the ability to come to honest self-realization about your abilities and shortcomings. That eye-opening and defining moment will inspire you to acquire the necessary knowledge and master the important skills that you will need to move your life forward optimally.

Today’s Task:

Write down what YOUR idea of a successful blog would be.  Be specific.  How much income will it be generating?  How many followers will it have?  Make your description of YOUR ideal successful blog as specific as possible.  Make sure you keep your description to refer to later.

August 29, 2018