The MOST Important Mistake to Avoid

If you have come this far, you probably already have a blog or website that represents you or your business. What does that web property say about you? Do you go about business exactly like everyone else, or do you have a unique identity? The answers to those questions bring us to the last but most important tip you need to remember no matter where your Internet marketing efforts take you.

Be yourself.

It is a common mistake to want to copy others who are successful. You can do so without becoming a cookie-cutter copy that has no originality or personality. People don’t purchase goods and services from companies, they purchase goods and services from people. Be yourself. Add your unique flavor or style to everything you do. Believe it or not, your personal characteristics, traits and behaviors are in high demand. There are tons of people out there right now looking for what you have to offer, in your own special way.

You are you for a very good reason. Make that reason known. Develop a “voice” online. Be the person you were meant to be. Not only will this resonate with your audience in a good way, but it will also weed out those people who are not drawn to your particular way of sharing content with the world. That means you end up marketing to people who know, like and respect you, and that is the prospect pool you want to be swimming in.

August 18, 2018