Step 5: Boosting Your Results

You could make the argument that this is the most important part of a successful content strategy. If you don’t know what is working, you could continue banging your head up against the wall, working tirelessly on content that is getting you nowhere. In other words, you need to know the numbers of your business. When you track what works and doesn’t work, tweak your schedule and your content accordingly, and begin revitalizing old content that has done really well for you, you benefit from understanding analytics.

Here are a few applications and websites that can help you discover where to focus your attention, making your content strategy more successful.

  • Piwik
  • Google Analytics
  • SumoMe Content Analytics
  • SumoMe Heat Maps
  • KeyHole
  • Buffer
  • Clicky
  • KYA

For WordPress Blogs and Sites

  • Google Analytics+ Plugin
  • Google Analytics WD (Free Plugin)
  • Google Analytics WD (Premium Plugin)
  • Jetpack by
  • Analytify Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin
  • MonsterInsights Plugin
  • WP Statistics
  • AFS Analytics
  • WP Power Stats

A lot of people hate the thought of pouring over numbers and research. Once you add this to your content calendar and plan, you only need to spend an hour or so each week crunching the numbers. After a while, you will know exactly what numbers to pay attention to, and what metrics can help you get the most out of your blogging efforts.

When you first get started monitoring your results, you will begin to notice patterns. You will find over time that certain keywords and phrases do better for you than others. If you discover an old, forgotten blog post is attracting a lot of attention, breathe some new life into it. Promote it with social media posts. Add a relevant call to action that helps you build your email list or drives readers to a high converting sales page.

Tweak your content schedule accordingly. As you discover what works and what is less than profitable for you, change your content calendar and plan. Studying analytics also lets you know what blog posts and other content are not getting the attention they deserve. This provides opportunities for driving traffic to that content. Eventually, this process leads to a finely-tuned business and marketing plan that squeezes the most possible success out of your online entrepreneurial efforts.

August 18, 2018