Step 4: Create Your Content

Now it is time to do the deed. You have done the appropriate market research and keyword research, you know your exact target audience, and you have a content schedule or editorial calendar in place. All your hard work up to now means you are ready to start creating content. You are excited about getting going, you are at a high-energy state because you can’t wait to begin benefiting from a smart content strategy and then …

…your mind is blank.

Don’t worry. This happens to even the most successful bloggers and online marketers. How do you come up with content ideas? Is there any way to create a massive amount of content in bulk, at one time? Should you make a video, a blog post, develop a new product or promote an upcoming product launch? Take a deep breath and relax. If you have set up your content calendar correctly to this point, you know exactly what is needed, when it is needed, and how long you have to create that particular piece of content.

Coming Up with Content Ideas

You look at your Editorial Calendar and see that you need a video to post on your blog and YouTube. You have smartly looked ahead to get a jump on your content strategy, and you realize you have 14 days to come up with this content. The video is going to drive people to a landing page where you build your email list. You have done your video marketing research, and expect that somewhere around 45 to 60 seconds is the sweet spot for this type of video.

The only problem is, you don’t know what to talk about! The following are some proven techniques for developing really great content ideas, and these methods are used by the most successful Internet marketers all the time.


  • Curate content from other blogs in your niche.


  • Develop a top 21 or top 50 list of people to follow on Facebook or Twitter that are influential in your market.


  • Send out an email and ask your audience exactly what type of content they want.


  • Interview a respected authority figure.


  • Hire a freelancer to research content ideas that apply to your industry.


  • Write a “Resources I Use Every Day” post.


  • Hand your keyword research to a freelancer on Fiverr that specializes in creating short whiteboard videos.


  • Review a service or product you have personally used.


  • Create an inspiring testimonial or case study, relating the experience that a happy client had using your product.


  • If you need copy for a video to build your email list, like in the example above, tweak the content you wrote for your highest converting opt-in page.


  • Check your analytics (more on this in the next section). Find blog posts in your archives that have driven you a lot of traffic, and repurpose them.


  • Be open, and talk about your failures.


  • Host a competition, contest, sweepstakes or giveaway.


  • Create an autoresponder sequence to promote your upcoming product launch.


  • Generate a glossary or index of industry-specific words and phrases that helps your readers develop a better understanding of your niche.


  • Have someone interview you.


  • Create a short report or e-book you can use as an opt-in freebie.


  • Write a “Top 10 …”, “Myths and Misconceptions about…” or “How to…” blog post about something in your niche.


  • Conduct a survey or poll.


  • Make crazy predictions.

Your editorial calendar tells you what type of content you are going to need by a certain date. The examples above help you figure out some unique ways to approach the content you have to create. This is by no means a complete list. You can refer to other blogs and authority websites in your niche for a limitless list of content ideas.

When you employ a writer or video maker, or some other type of freelancer that specializes in content creation, you can develop large batches of content in a very short period of time. Obviously, this costs money. You may be surprised though, at how affordable some quality writers, video specialists and other freelancers actually are. This bulk creation strategy not only takes care of a lot of content generation, it also frees up valuable time for you to be spending on important areas of your business.

August 18, 2018