Step 3: Your Content Schedule

In the last section we referenced successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs that plan their promotions well in advance. How do you do this? The answer is by using a Content Calendar, better known in the internet marketing community as an Editorial Calendar. Here are just a few things you should include in the calendar you use to plan your content strategy.

  • The number of blog posts you will create and publish each week or month.


  • What days those blog posts will go out.


  • How frequently will you reach out to your list through email, on a weekly and monthly basis?


  • How often will you involve social media to support your blog posts, product launches, the videos you create, etc.?


  • When will your monthly, quarterly and/or annual product launches and promotions be scheduled?


  • What day will you set aside time to study analytics, to find out what is and is not working in your business?


  • Free time is important to schedule as well.

You can get your hands on any virtual or physical calendar and create your content strategy. However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The following Editorial Calendar applications and websites are used by top bloggers and information marketers for their content strategies, because of their versatility and customization, and many are free to use. In addition to content, you can use them to handle your social media efforts, marketing and ad campaigns, and just about every aspect of your business.

  • WordPress Editorial Calendar
  • CoSchedule
  • ToDoist
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • SocialCast
  • Marketing.Ai
  • Trello
  • InboundWriter

HubSpot offers a number of free editorial calendar templates you may decide to use. They are available at the following link:

InboundWriter is a monthly content planner that deserves an in-depth explanation. Imagine knowing approximately how many new readers or followers you will receive by blogging about a particular topic or subject. That is exactly what InboundWriter gives you. It will even suggest specific keywords and phrases that can drive readership, and tell you if your competition has already blogged or talked about that particular topic! This incredible content planning tool is free if you publish 4 or fewer times a month.


August 18, 2018