Step 2: Clearly Define Your Content Goals

Seasoned bloggers and online entrepreneurs have marketing plans written up at least a year in advance. They know exactly when each of their promotions is going out, what that promotion is going to be, and they do the required research to see if there is a market for that product before it is developed. A lot of successful bloggers research, create and then profit from a single product.

The benefit of this is a single piece of content, when perceived as valuable by your audience, which can be sold and marketed for years. You don’t have to keep creating new content. Whatever type of content you create or have created for you, what is its purpose? What do you expect from it? Are you just cranking out a blog post because your editorial calendar says you need one this week? That is the wrong attitude.

You need to know what you expect from a piece of content before you create it.

Before you sit down to generate content of any kind, regardless of what type of media it is, you should ask yourself, “What do I want this content to do for me? Will it …”

…Promote a product or service?

…Be used as a product or service?

…Make up one part of a larger content package?

…Be used in a paid marketing ad campaign?

…Fill an autoresponder sequence?

…Simply deliver information?

…Be used to build my email list or drive some other call to action?

Whether you are blogging or adding helpful content to your website, from time to time, you want to deliver great information without asking for a sale or expecting your reader to take some course of action. Sometimes when you create content, you will expect to use it as a product, or you may want it to promote an upcoming product launch. Be crystal clear on what you expect from each piece of content before you spend time, energy and possibly money on creating it.


August 18, 2018