Set Exciting Goals

Sometimes goals fail because they are simply not exciting. You cannot bring yourself to do what is needed. Use these tips to learn how to find the goals that will keep you on track.

  1. Make your goals attainable.
    While this may not seem like this is exciting, when you reach your goals you will get excited. If your goals are too lofty and aggressive, you will make them unreachable. There is nothing exciting about not reaching your goals.
  2. Have a passion for what you are trying to accomplish.
    If you don’t love what you are doing, you can’t get excited about continuing with it. Try to look for goals that you can be passionate about. Consider looking in areas you would not typically find yourself doing. You will often surprise yourself. That surprise will be exciting for you.
  3. Find goals that you can involve people you enjoy being with.
    Whether it be family, friends, or colleagues, when you have camaraderie, you will look forward to your get-togethers. You will also share the feeling of elation when you accomplish your shared goals.
  4. Incorporate learning into as many of your goals as possible.
    Learning is something most people get excited about because it lets us expand our knowledge and skills. Sometimes, learning itself can be the goal. However, most goals will require some form of learning. Therefore, make learning a part of your goals directly and indirectly.
  5. Make your goals somewhat aggressive, but manageable.
    If you never push yourself, you will be stuck doing the same thing repeatedly. You need to extend your capabilities, which will add to the excitement factor. This is often scary for many people because it is unknown to them. That’s okay because you will grow in the process.
  6. Look for goals that don’t excite you.
    It’s not that you want to incorporate these into your goals. You want to know what doesn’t excite you so you can either delegate them or find ways to legitimately push them off until later. When you identify as many of these as you can, in the beginning, you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Today’s Task:

  1. List out every activity or item that you have wanted to do but were held back from doing. You want to concentrate on those items that you daydream about. When you identify these, try to fit them in your list of goals. Along these lines, write what has held you back in the past from accomplishing these goals. Then, simply come up with a game plan on how to overcome what has been blocking you from reaching those goals and make that happen.

2. Set one massive goal that excites you – the kind of goal that makes you want to get up in the morning and attack it!

August 29, 2018