Reward Yourself For Reaching Your Goals


Another very important tip you need to take note of is cultivating the habit of rewarding yourself for reaching your goals. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by them or be in a hurry to complete each task and immediately move on to the next one.

Make it a habit celebrating the big and small wins! You don’t have to be hard on yourself to meet a goal. In fact, being kind to yourself while staying focused and committed, is a better way to ensure success. So, put a little fun back into the process of self-discipline and self-control by building in a reward system along the milestones of your goal. Treat yourself for your hard work and dedication!

You may also find it helpful to identify your past successes and achievements. That works especially well when the going gets tough. Recall the various steps you took to achieve those goals. Go over the approaches you used, the strategies you employed, and carefully analyze how everything came together. Recall all of these accomplishments fondly and dedicate some time to celebrate the fact that you’ve been successful several times before.

After doing that, take the time to mentally or physically outline your consistent accomplishments and the skills that have brought you to this present moment. Acknowledge that you have earned every bit of your achieved goals and accomplishments. That will create in you an awareness of how small, consistent daily actions have been a catalyst for the achievement of your bigger goals.

When you finally succeed, take the time to treat yourself in style. Arrange a special outing or buy something special that you’ve wanted for a long time. Having such rewards in mind when struggling to pursue your goals will keep you motivated.

Today’s Task:

This is, again, where it’s so important to have S.M.A.R.T. goals for your blog – and a specific time period to accomplish them by.  Take a look at the 6 month goals you created in the last lesson.  Will you know for sure when you achieve them?  If not, tweak them to be more specific – then plan how you’ll celebrate once you accomplish each goal!

August 29, 2018