Project Overview, Best Practices, What to AVOID

Facebook continues to change and morph, but remains a relevant and vitally important platform for entrepreneurs like me. Facebook has 2.13 billion monthly active users, including older populations who aren’t comfortable with newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. But to get your content noticed on Facebook nowadays, it needs to be outstanding. And for our Facebook efforts to be worthwhile, our posts need to support our blogging and business goals directly and measurably.


  1. Capture more followers
  2. Reach more potential clients
  3. Build your brand presence
  4. Promote your existing services
  5. Launch new offerings
  6. Create rapport with my community members
  7. Scale your blog/business

How to Help Your Achieve Your Objectives:

  • Preparation: Researching Facebook strategies, setting goals, and generating ideas for future Facebook posts.
  • Content creation: Writing and editing post content.
  • Rollout: Scheduling posts, monitoring performance, replying to comments or notifying me so I can reply.
  • Follow up: Tracking stats on the most popular posts, doing post-mortems on posts that did poorly, analyzing which types of content are the most effective.

Facebook Best Practices

As you plan, write, and post content for your Facebook page, please keep these best practices in mind:

  • Keep posts short and specific.
    • 40-character Facebook posts receive 86% more engagement over others.
    • 80-character Facebook posts receive 66% more engagement over others.
    • Facebook posts asking questions between 100 to 119 characters drive more engagement.
  • Post frequently, at least twice per day.
  • ALWAYS include an image!
  • Post questions as often as possible. Question posts get double the engagement of non-question posts.
  • Engage with anyone who comments. Reply to questions, “like” great responses, and notify me if I should handle a response personally.
  • Keep posts on-brand. This includes tone, messaging, and images.
  • Use relevant hashtags.

Facebook tactics to AVOID

As you plan, write, and post content for your Facebook page, please avoid:

  • Discussion of politics, religion, or other hot-button topics not related to my business.
  • Copying and pasting content from other creators.
  • Engaging with trolls. Just block them and move on.
  • Posting more than six times per day. Over-posting fatigues the audience and sets off red flags in the Facebook algorithm. (Commenting more frequently is fine.)
  • Robotic-sounding posts. Make everything lively and personal!
November 28, 2018