Plan Your Blogging Hours & Make a To-Do List

You wouldn’t set out on a journey without a plan. Likely, you would do research, make a list of what you need to successfully travel, and be prepared for the expected and unexpected issues that could come up. You might list what needs to be packed, important issues that need attention before you leave, and other elements of the trip that need attention. You would shop and get the items you need, pack and prepare, and load everything into the car. Then you’d make sure to get gas and something to drink on the way out of town.

Daily blogging is lot like a new journey taken every day. Making a list in preparation for the journey is vital for getting the details of the journey covered. Let’s look at some tips for making a stellar daily blogging to-do list.

Tip 1. Plan your day the day before. I’ve said this before, but I really do think it’s so important.  As your day progresses, you will oftentimes realize things you can’t accomplish or that need attention the next day. Begin your to-do list for tomorrow, today, so you are ahead of the game.

Tip 2. Jot everything down with abandon, and then revise. Don’t worry about an item’s worthiness to be on the list. Jot it down and decide at the end of the day if it should remain.

Tip 3. Sort your list into categories. Decide if something must be done by you or if it can be delegated. Farm out the items that can be managed by someone else and keep the items for yourself that require your attention.

Tip 4. Put your list in order. Tackle the toughest items on your list first. Generally, people have the most energy in the morning. Doing the hardest items out of the gate can alleviate stress and inspire you with your accomplishments. If you happen to be a night owl, reverse the order and tackle the tough stuff when you have the most natural energy.

Tip 5. Cross off your items as you go. There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that comes from crossing items off a list. Give yourself a high-five and kudos for getting things marked off.

Tip 6. Prep your new list. Prepare for the new day by transferring any unfinished items to the lead space on your next day’s list.

Creating and following an effective to-do list is a perfect way to get control of chaos, plan your blogging day, and be very effective with your time. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating and completing your daily list.

Today’s Task

Find a pretty planner or note pad to use in making your daily tasks lists.  Make sure you have a pen to use that you really like.  List making can seem like a bit of a chore – but it can be made easier with fun and pretty tools to use!

Then, make a list of the things you plan to work on in your blogging tomorrow and set it close to your computer so you can start fresh right away.

September 1, 2018