You know that building a successful blog will change your life – in a really good way!

And that’s the best first step.

But, now it’s time to actually map out how it’s going to look to include blogging in your daily routine. 

And things start looking a little overwhelming…

Or, at least they did for me.

In this 21 day challenge, we’re going to look at the importance of setting goals and routines for your blog.  You’re not going to build a successful blog overnight – but, by chipping away at the process one bit at a time, one day at a time, owning a successful, profitable blog IS possible for you!

We’re going to start by talking routines…

I start here because it’s SO important to set some hours aside each week – just for learning about, working on, and growing your blog.  Naturally, the hours you set aside for your blog might look different from what someone else sets aside – and that’s fine!

A couple things I want you to keep in mind as you think about where you’ll fit blogging into your schedule:

  • Be realistic – look at your current schedule and think realistically about where you can fit in your blogging hours.  Don’t plan for 10 hours a week of blog work if it’s just not feasible to get that in – and still eat and sleep like you need to!  Stretching yourself too thin is only going to make you hate your blog and end up completely burnt out on the idea.
  • In the beginning, things will take longer – as you set your blogging hours, be generous with the time you think tasks will take in the beginning.  Setting up and starting a blog takes a lot more time than maintaining an already established blog.  I tell you this to give you hope.  It’ll be harder in the beginner – and that’s okay!  There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Be inspired by other bloggers – I’m including links below to a few bloggers and what their routines look like.  I’m NOT doing this so you can copy their schedules but so that you can be inspired and get ideas.  Remember, you need to do what is best for YOU!
  • If at all possible, try for one hour time slots – To make the most of the trainings here in the BlogHappy.Club, try to plan for 1 hour, at least, 5 days a week to work on your blog.  And remember to make time to dream, too!  I completely burnt myself out on blogging – and I realized that it was because so much of my time was used up with blogging tasks – and I wasn’t taking the time to dream about what my successful blog would look like and how it would change my life and the life of others.
  • Get some accountability – Join a group – or create your own group – of bloggers or others in your life who are working toward a goal.  Even if it’s your friend who wants to get fit again and is working exercise into her routine – ask her if you can keep each other accountable.  You can check in with her about her workouts and she can check in to see what you’re accomplishing with your blog.
  • Baby steps – Always keep this in mind – even a tiny step, a tiny accomplishment, is movement forward.  Put a bunch of tiny accomplishments together and you can get a big success!

Routine Inspiration:

Now… on to creating YOUR own routine – and then we’ll talk about setting goals!


August 29, 2018