Intro: Why You Need To Start & Grow Your Email List

Email is one of the best ways to build an audience that is engaged with your brand. It’s also one of the best ways to sell products or create a big buzz for your next event or launch. Not growing your email list can mean missed opportunities to connect with those who want to hear from you.

Think about it…when people visit your website, if they don’t subscribe, they will probably never return. When people subscribe to your social media feed, you’re at the mercy of that social media site as to whether or not they’ll show your updates to your subscribers. Email makes it easier to stay in touch with your followers and build trust with them.

A few more benefits to growing your list:

  1. You own your list. You have 100% access to it no matter what. Social media can change their privacy or user settings at any time. If you depend solely on them to build a customer list, you are at risk of losing your ability to communicate freely with them.
  2. Email can be used to drive your audience to Twitter, Facebook and other social media. You can invite your subscribers to join you on your social media channels and pages.
  3. Your message goes directly to your subscriber’s inbox. They opted in to hear from you so you have their permission to share and communicate with them.
  4. Selling through email is expected and accepted, unlike on other platforms such as social media or blogs where we expect more content than advertising. And the more subscribers you have the better your success rates will be.
  5. Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, but almost everyone has an email. There are still those die-hard people who don’t want to be on, or don’t trust, social media. Most of these people do, however, have access to an email account.

No matter what type of blog you have or what type of marketing you focus on, list building should be an integral part of your blog growth plan.

October 31, 2018