Fast-Result Objective: Create Your Perfect Opt-in Offer

This challenge is designed so that by the end you have completed a ready-to-promote opt-in offer. It is important to create this offer specifically for the exact kind of reader you want to attract and to speak directly to them in everything you create.

WARNING: A big mistake many make is to speak to people they DON’T want to attract.

Sounds obvious, right? It is pretty common-sense yet I don’t know how many times I’ve been frustrated by people who don’t want to spend money at all on building their blog… but guess what?

Anyone who’s not WILLING to invest money to build their blog is NOT my target audience and I should not be wasting effort trying to convince them of ANYTHING. I should be spending my time talking to people who already know how important it is to be willing to spend money to make money.

Just as you should be spending your time talking to the people READY for what you have to offer and not the people who are almost ready or not nearly ready. 😊


When you think big picture and get into the minds of your potential customers (or the people who will potentially click on your affiliate links) to SOLVE a problem they have, answer a question they have or help them learn something then you are showing them that you have something of value to offer.

When you create something that leads perfectly to your offer you are going to get them to go from subscribers to customers. The trick is to find a way to offer huge value while still having something that is the logical next step to them to take action on.

Don’t think of this as a freebie… don’t give it little effort.

Give it BIG effort, as if it were a product and not a free offer.

Many people think of their freebie as an afterthought, and give it not much thought at all.

This is another mistake. Make the value that of a paid product. That doesn’t mean it has to be huge, it means it has to GIVE GREAT VALUE.

You can give huge value in little ways and we are going to walk through that in this action plan.


October 9, 2018