Day #6: Building Engagement On Your Blog

Once people see your posts, you want them to actually read and explore, spending a little time on your blog and thinking about what they’re learning. Use the following tips to plant the seeds of that engagement.

Be Consistent. For posting blog updates, it’s good to decide on a frequency that suits your audience. There’s a certain “sweet spot” for each audience and platform. You don’t want to post too often or you’ll appear spammy or your messages will get ignored. On the other hand, if you post infrequently, you’ll fall off your readers’ radar. Once or twice a week is an ideal frequency, but experiment with difference frequencies and see which get the best reaction.

Cross-Link. Wherever appropriate, relink to old posts on your blog. If you mention a topic you covered in an older post, provide a live link to it in your content to help readers find older content that’s relevant to what you’re discussing now.

Ask Questions. A good way to boost engagement is to ask a question at the end of your post. For example, ask what your readers’ favorite tool is or how they overcome a specific problem. Make it a question that’s easy to answer and you’ll get more responses. If you want them to answer the question on social media, send them there, or use a plugin so that their comments show up on your post AND in somewhere like Facebook.

How to Get Your Content Shared

Once people have read your content, you also want them to share it with the rest of their friends and followers. Make it as easy as possible for your audience to share your content. If you are still using the standard “share” buttons at the bottom of your page, consider improving them. One great free app for making it easy to share is the ‘Share’ app from SumoMe, which allows people to share your content across all social channels. One difference with SumoMe is that the icons float as your reader scrolls so they’re visible anywhere on the page. They are also responsive on any device.

Include a call-to-action in your blog’s social shares. You can add something simple like “Please RT” at the end of your tweets to encourage more people to share them. It always helps to give a little nudge with a CTA.

One strategy for more shares involves using a free tool like ClickToTweet. This tool gives you a piece of code to enter at the end of a piece of text in your content, and when the reader clicks the link, they automatically tweet it as a quote. This is a good way to get your content shared, but use it sparingly. Use it only for your best or most inspirational quotes.

Wherever possible and appropriate, mention influencers in your social media campaigns. By mentioning and tagging an influencer who you’ve quoted in your blog, you are accessing their network, and the people in their network can also share or re-share your content.

You can also mention blog commenters on your social channels. This is a good way to interact with your most loyal readers and supporters, and it will encourage more support from them.

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Pick 1 or 2 strategies for announcing your posts and try them out with one of your existing blog posts (it’s ok to ‘re-announce’ some content). Alternatively, plan which post you will use them with.
  2. Pick 1 or 2 social share tactics and try them out with one of your existing pieces of content. Alternatively, plan which content you will use them with.
  3. Evaluate the suggested automatic sharing tools and pick one to try.
September 25, 2018