Day 3: Use the Right Keywords

SEMRush,, Keyword Tool, KWFinder and Moz’s Keyword Explorer are excellent pieces of software to identify the keywords and phrases that can bring in the most traffic. Spending a day doing nothing but keyword research provides you with information that can make you money and build your business.

These are the words, phrases and questions your target audience is typing into Google and other search engines. The websites and pieces of software mentioned above will reveal some low hanging fruit, words and phrases that get decent amounts of searches each month, and that your competitors are not really targeting.

Every few months you want to revisit this task. Some markets change over time and others are evergreen. Knowing what phrases and words your audience is looking for is important for obvious reasons, and today’s challenge activity will reveal exactly that.


6 Ways To Find The Best Keywords For Your Blog

August 17, 2018