Day 3: Find What’s Already Working

Now that we’ve taken a good look at who your audience is – and we have a list of content ideas that could work to connect with your ideal audience, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Today, we’ll take the data that we’ve gathered and get even more specific on the content that will resonate best with your audience.  Remember, this research is WORTH IT because it’s going to give you the focus you need to stop spinning your wheels creating content and just hoping it will work.  With this plan and this data, you can KNOW that your next Facebook post will be working well for your blog and audience.

Today’s Task:

Return to Facebook Insights and click on Posts in the left rail.

Examine the data for the past few months of posts. Pay close attention to Reach and Engagement stats. Select 10 posts that did particularly well.

Complete the What’s Already Working For Me Facebook form.

November 28, 2018