Day #21: Where To Go From Here – The Social Media Planner

As we end this 21 day challenge, I wanted to leave you with a resource that you can use to continue growing your blog traffic.

I also wanted to share with you two tools that I use to help automate my traffic generation efforts on social media.  

  • Smarterqueue is affordable and a great option for automating Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Tailwind is a great tool for automating your Pinterest posting strategies.

If you’re wanting even more indepth, practical, actionable strategies for increasing your blog traffic, I highly recommend Beth at Brilliant Business Moms FB Ads For Beginners and Craft Your Brilliant Webinar courses.  She’s super fun to learn from and will get you so excited about growing your business!

Today’s Assignment:

Print out the Weekly Social Media Planner – complete the steps in the planner to get a clear picture of where you’ll be focusing your blog promotion efforts for the next 3-6 months.

Download the Monthly Social Media Calendar spreadsheet and use it to map out this next month’s content plan!

September 29, 2018