Day 21: How To Eat An Elephant

The 21 daily activities just covered really can have a significant impact on your blog. Even though some of them may seem small and may not produce any noticeable results right away, over time all of these practices can have a positive cumulative effect.


How do you eat an elephant? You take one bite at a time. These 21 bite-sized daily blog-boosters make it possible to eat that elephant, which in this case represents whatever it is you are trying to accomplish on your blog.


After your 21 day challenge is up, take a couple of days off from your blog. Play with the kids, have a “do nothing” day, attend a concert or go fishing. Do something that gets you away from your computer and your smart phone. Bloggers tend to stay connected 24/7, and while dedication to your blogging business is admirable, you need to have some downtime so you can appreciate the other things in your life.


Then after a couple of days off, hit your blog and check your analytics. If you practice the 21 proven and profitable blog-building steps discussed above, implementing one each day over 3 weeks, you are virtually guaranteed to see a significant and positive impact.


Here’s to your success!

August 17, 2018