Day 19: How to Keep Your Facebook Group Lively and Useful

Simply by creating a Facebook group, you will be viewed as an authority in your field. Even though setting up a group on FB can be done in less than 5 minutes, most people have never done it. They instantly look upon you as a successful web master and online authority figure.

Use this to your advantage. Tell people exactly what you want from them. The members in your group are on Facebook because they like to socialize. Encourage social interaction. When you see members frequently adding value and useful information, applaud them for doing so. The following tips will also help keep your group enjoyable, lively and valuable to your members.

1 – Ask A Lot of Questions

Ask your group members exactly what they’re looking for. Make sure your questions sometimes include topics not related in any way to your market or niche. Asking your members to reveal their favorite color, dessert or actor lets them know that you are a normal person, just like they are. It also gets the conversation started.

2 – Run a Survey

People love giving their opinions. There is a free and simple survey-taking ability built into your Facebook group. At the top of your group, click on “Create Poll”. Enter a question and then click “Add Poll Options”. Enter the choices for your group members to select, and then click “Post”.

3 – Stick to a Schedule

When you post regularly, at the same times and on the same days, your community notices. Remember, you are viewed as an authority in your field. The people in your group want to know what you are thinking. They need help in some areas of their lives. By sticking to a regular posting schedule you help keep the conversation moving, and drive engagement between you and your group members.

4 – A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words …

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much does a video say? Images, pictures, memes and videos are proven to receive more interaction than text-only posts.

5 – Provide Real Value

Don’t just post to be posting. You should have a regular group posting schedule, but this means being prepared in advance. Deliver actionable, valuable information that your group members are longing for, and you will have a happy, healthy, growing group.

Today’s Task

These principles can apply to your Facebook Page, too – are you using them there?  Even if you don’t have a Facebook group at this point, use these tips in your normal Facebook posting.

November 30, 2018