Day #18: Make Email Marketing and Social Media Work Well Together

We’ve been talking about integrating social media into your other marketing tactics. Hopefully, you were able to review your existing marketing goals and see how a few small changes to your tactics can boost your results. Sometimes the steps can be as simple as adding a “follow me on Facebook” call to action at the end of every blog post – or to the bottom of your email signature.

When it comes to integrating two marketing channels or tactics, there are two that naturally fit together quite well. Interestingly enough, bloggers often neglect one when they focus on the other. We’re talking about email and social media. And budgets are often shifted to favor one at the expense of the other. Yet, a combined marketing strategy may actually yield the best results. 

Why Connect Email and Social Media?

The truth is that email isn’t dead and social media marketing isn’t the end all be all. In fact, as social media becomes more competitive, it’s essential that you build a strong and unified message across multiple channels. Social media can extend the reach of your email by supporting people to open, share, and engage.

Segmentation and focused content. Email segmentation allows you to identify your biggest influencers – the people who most often open your emails and share them. You can send these people a dedicated campaign.

Connecting email and social media also helps you connect with your audience more frequently. And you’ll reach a wider group of people – let’s face it.  Your blog followers and visitors interact with your brand in different ways. When you connect email and social media you’re giving your audience more options and your message more leverage.

Here are a few ideas to connect your email and social media efforts.

  1. Include social icons in emails. Make sure your subscribers know that you’re on social media and how to connect with you. Wisestamp makes it easy and fun to create a custom email signature.
  2. Ask email subscribers to share and connect. Invite subscribers to share your email content with a call to action.
  3. Promote email opt-in on your social media pages and accounts.  This is super easy to do when you have a landing page that is dedicated to adding sign-ups to your list.  Create a great opt-in offer that you KNOW your readers want and need and it’s easy to talk about it on social media and let them know about it!
  4. Promote email and/or social media on your blog. Promote your social media accounts and/or your email list on your blog. Include a call to action in every post.

Consider the process that your audience takes. If they find you via social media, how can you get them to also sign up for your email? If they’re signed up for your email, how can you get them to follow you on social media?

Today’s Assignment:

  • Add your social media icons in your emails. – Use Wisestamp to make it happen!
  • Add a social media widget/plug-in to your blog (my favorite is the free Social Warfare plugin!).
  • Make sure you at LEAST have an email sign-up form in your blog sidebar – and if possible at the bottom of each blog post and in your header area.  You want it to be super obvious!
  • Take a hard look at the your opt-in freebie. If it’s already amazing, make sure you have a great graphic for it, too ( is great for this!), and start pinning that graphic and posting on Facebook with a link to a page where your sign-up form is obvious.
September 26, 2018