Day 18: How to Get Members of Your Facebook Group to Subscribe to Your Email List

If you are an blogger, you already understand the importance of building your list. Your list is a collection of email addresses which represent people that subscribe to your list in return for some type of freebie, report or physical product. Communicate with your list frequently, providing amazing value and great information, and you have a resource that will happily purchase your product recommendations and help make your blogging business a success.


How Do I Move People from My Facebook Group to My Email List?


If you have already developed a Facebook group for your blog or some personal interest, great. You are taking a step that can potentially give you access to people in your market or niche that may have never discovered your blog otherwise.


Once they are there, how do you get them on your list?


One way is to incentivize them. You probably have a squeeze page somewhere online, probably on your blog, that builds your list for you. Web surfers provide their email address in return for a free report, e-book, video, interview or some other value-rich product or file.


You can use the same strategy on your Facebook group. Just remember that the people on social media sites don’t like to be sold to or approached from a business angle. This means the majority of your posts and updates on your Facebook group should be value and information-oriented only.


However, every few posts you could provide a free e-book, one-on-one consultation, PDF file or some other valuable piece of bait in return for that person joining your email list.


Another simple way to build your list through a Facebook group is to link your group posts to your blog. You should have several list-building components integrated into your blog (sign up forms in your sidebar, footer, header, an image of your opt in freebie, etc.), and this exposes your Facebook group members to that opportunity without directly doing so.


One clever way to build your list through Facebook groups is to ask your members exactly what problems they need solving. Compile the top 5 or 10 questions, along with answers, into a PDF file that you then offer your Facebook group in return for them joining your list. This way, you are answering questions you already know are top of mind in your marketplace, and the odds of those people who asked those questions joining your list is very high.

Today’s Task

If you don’t have a squeeze page for your opt-in offer, today is the day to create one.  It’s important to have a page to share whose sole purpose is to promote your opt-in offer and get people on your list.  Here’s a great post for creating that squeeze page: How To Create Squeeze Pages

November 30, 2018