Day 17: Respond to Comments on Your Blog, Social Media Posts

If people comment on your blog posts, that is a great thing. You have probably seen countless blogs that had absolutely no comments at all. This means the audience simply did not feel engaged enough to say something about what they just read. If someone does spend their valuable time commenting on your social media updates and blog posts, you have a very warm prospect.


That person is expressing an interest in what you had to say, or in the video or images you posted. So many people that comment on blog posts never expect to get a reply because that has never happened in the past.


When you reach out to commenters that respond to your social media and blogging material, you can develop a very deep connection with just a few words. Make sure to respond positively, never engage someone that has negative things to say, and this simple practice can boost the number of blog visitors you have, while also improving your image as an authority in your field.

August 17, 2018