You have an email list. You know that the money is in the list. You’ve learned what different types of content your subscribers want. Now you need to know how craft those emails so they will sell.

You have to hold the reader’s attention in order to get them to the call-to-action. Remember email is about building relationships and trust, and entertaining your audience.

Remember these 9 points when crafting your email:

  1. Be authentic. You are unique. No one else is like you and you shouldn’t try to be someone else for your business. Be yourself.
  2. Speak directly to your subscribers as individuals. Every email should be directed to an audience of one. It’s your perfect, ideal client.
  3. Over-deliver / under-promise. Give more and ask for less in return. Make your customers feel like you’ve given them more than necessary.
  4. Engage and be available – be human. Engage your audience by responding to their questions, thanking them for their testimonials and providing relevant and informative content that moves them.
  5. Show them, don’t tell them. Give proof with videos, testimonials or real life stories showing how your product is being used.
  6. Write in a natural way. In other words, write the way you talk.
  7. Don’t use verbs like “to be.” Use power verbs instead such as created, designed, executed and so forth.
  8. Create a story or movie with your words instead of a long boring message filled with statistics or confusing jargon.
  9. Show off your personality. Let customers see your flamboyant side, dry humor, or offbeat personality in the way your write and speak to them.

The most important thing to remember when crafting an email that sells is that you are building a trusting relationship with your subscribers. When you do that, you generate word of mouth references that continue to grow your mailing list, which is our goal for this month.

Today’s Task

Write an email to your list to sell – either an affiliate product or your own product.  Don’t overthink this – follow the guidelines above and actually send the email to your list today.  See what happens!

October 31, 2018