Day 16: Write a “How To” E-Book

Today you are going to write an e-book. This piece of content can be sold on your blog or given away to build your list, or listed on Amazon as a free or paid e-book that improves the awareness of your business and makes money. If you have not written a book before, don’t look at this as a daunting task. You can easily write a 2,500 to 5,000 word e-book in a day.


You probably know of several big problems your target audience has. Choose one and think up a really good “How To” title. If you are a blogging coach and you teach others how to launch and run a successful blog, you could perhaps title your e-book “How to Write a Click-Magnet Blog Post That Builds Your List and Makes Money on Autopilot”. List-building and money-making are two of the biggest goals every blogger has. That is a catchy title that tells someone exactly what is covered in your e-book, two topics that are near and dear to the hearts of your target audience.


Divide your e-book into the following sections.


  • Introduction
  • 7 to 10 Chapters
  • Conclusion or Wrap-Up
  • Recommended Resources


Use your own knowledge, Google, best-selling books and other information sources to come up with 7 to 10 chapters about writing effective blog posts. Write down at least 15 or 20 possible chapter topics, and then whittle those down to the best 7 to 10 candidates. These are your chapter topics. This is the meat of your e-book. If you come up with 10 chapters, and write just 250 words per chapter full of actionable, excellent information, you have 2,500 words of content.


Add a short Introduction and Conclusion. In the recommended resources, include a link to your blog and email opt-in page. Add affiliate products and services that pay you a commission when someone makes a purchase. When you follow this formula for writing a short e-book, you can easily produce a 2,500 to 5,000 word piece of content that does a good job helping spread the word about your blog.

August 17, 2018