Day #16: Using Video for Better Social Media Interaction

You have heard it all before. It seems every year or so, someone tells you that “fill in the blank” marketing is the future of business success on the web. Marketing tactics come and go, and so do their efficiency levels. One approach to building traffic to your blog that doesn’t appear to be trending down anytime soon is video.

There is no doubt video marketing is not just a wave of the future for blog owners, but it is effective here and now. As opposed to just text and/or images, video “speaks” to your audience in a very powerful way. People can see who you are, what you have to say, how your product works, and they are engaged better for video than through a simple blog post or picture.

Using your computer’s camcorder and built-in microphone, you can become a video marketer in just a few minutes. The following applications and social media platforms allow you to record a live video presentation, and they are absolutely free to use.

  • Facebook Live
  • Google Hangouts on Air
  • Skype
  • YouTube Live
  • Blab
  • LiveStream
  • StreamUp
  • YouNow

Once your live video presentation is over, you have a recorded product you can use over and over.

Types of Video You Can Create for Your Blog   

The following are just a few types of videos you can create for your blog.

  • How-to videos, tutorials – Consumers say how-to videos which explain a process or product visually help them make purchasing decisions.
  • “Meet Me” videos – Why not record a video introducing yourself? People buy from people, not websites.
  • “About Us” videos – This is sort of like the previous video, but you don’t have to record yourself or your team visually. You could talk about your blog and combine it with simple screenshot capture.
  • Video buyer’s guides, reviews – This type of video tells buyers how to shop for a particular product or service, or gives in-depth reviews about products you sell, or those you receive an affiliate commission for when someone buys through your link.
  • Unboxing videos – These work great for affiliate marketers. You purchase a product and then record yourself using that product, including every step through the process including opening the box.
  • Video blog posts – Video blogs, or vlogs, attach a face and a personality to your text-based content. If you have a lot of current blog posts, you immediately have scripts for videos.
  • Sales videos – Sales videos work so much better than text-only sales letters most of the time, because they include the power of video and copywriting.

Today’s Assignment:

Explore how you can integrate video into your content and social media marketing strategy. Identify topics your audience wants to see and create a video marketing strategy/plan. 

Take this opportunity to record a quick Facebook Live video to say “hi” to your followers and give them one quick tip to make their day better today.  Don’t make this complicated – or try to make it perfect – just get it done!

September 25, 2018