Day #13: Types of Content Subscribers Love

Are you curious about what types of content your subscribers love? Does it seem like only certain types of emails are getting opened? Here’s a list of some of the most popular types of email content your subscribers will love.

No matter what type of content you send your subscribers, make sure you’re providing them with value they can use.

  • Customers love tip sheets that answer some of your most frequently asked questions.
  • Subscribers love to see how-to videos in their email inbox. Short videos demonstrating how to use a product or software are well received by customers.
  • Blog summaries or highlights get opened, especially by new subscribers. It gives them a chance to catch up with what’s going on with your business.
  • Subscribers love to see your top product picks. It gives them insider information on what you recommend or are using in your own business.
  • Case studies give your customers a real-world look at how your product or service has helped you or someone else.
  • Lists are one of the quickest and easiest types of content to create, and subscribers love them. They are a type of content readers can quickly scan.
  • Stories are one of the best ways to build a relationship with your customer. And most people are interested in what is happening in your life as well as your business.
  • Contests are a favorite type of content to email subscribers. Many people enjoy competing in a contest. Having them share ideas, stories or complete something gets them involved.

Sending the type of content your customers love to read is the best way to get them to open your emails. Because you’re sending them only the topics they want, they know when they see an email from you, it will be something you want to read.

Today’s Task

If you don’t know what your subscribers like, ask them. If you already send out emails, look at your analytics. They will show you which emails are being read so you can create more like them.

October 31, 2018