Chances are, interacting on social media may fall at the bottom of your daily task list. Or, if you tackle it first thing in the morning then you find that you spend more time than you’d planned on social media. It puts you behind for the rest of the day.

The solution is to create a strategy and a plan of attack.

Why A Daily Strategy Helps Keep You Organized And On Track

A daily strategy helps you check the boxes and make sure that all of your social media goals and tasks are met. It keeps your daily interaction on social media contained so that you don’t spend too much, or too little, time on each site. And it helps ensure you have consistent and frequent interaction – the kind that’s required for social media results.

What Goes Into A Daily Strategy?

  • Publish a predetermined number of posts (if you haven’t already scheduled them in advance)
  • Check for new followers (and follow them back?)
  • Review mentions and shares – say thank you.
  • Reply to comments
  • Read your feed. Browse posts and share those worth sharing. Take notes on those that generate content ideas.
  • Log into your social media sites and respond to your notifications. For example, did you get a Facebook message? What about a Twitter mention?

Decide if you want to check all the boxes at once each day and set aside the time to do that. For example, one hour a day. Or do you want to break it down into smaller bits and spend for example, four fifteen minute sessions on social media each day? You might want to try both approaches to see what works best for you and which approach generates better results.

Today’s Assignment:

Create your daily strategy. What do you need each day to stay on top of social media?

Need an example of a daily strategy? Try one of these:

NOTE: Consider using scheduling tools to make your social media posting so much easier.  I recommend using SmarterQueue (they have a free trial!) and Tailwind (both my affiliate links).  These tools allow you to site down for an hour each MONTH and schedule out your content to post at intervals to the different platforms.  Then, you just need to check in daily for a few minutes to respond to comments, inquiries, etc..

September 25, 2018