(An entire course could be created on how to use social media for traffic to your website. This challenge will give you a couple of ideas about how to maximize your time on social media if free traffic is your goal. You will probably find that it is very difficult to turn social media into a traffic source if you don’t go the paid advertising route, and that is something that is not recommended unless you have a firm grasp on Facebook ads and other social media advertising platforms.)

Social media can provide a lot of free traffic. However, there are so many worthwhile social media websites out there, you have to be careful not to spend the bulk of your time chasing this low-converting traffic. Regardless what social media “gurus” will tell you, the return on your time investment trying to get people from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn back to your website to join your list is not very high.

People go to social media sites to hang out. They are socializing. Make sure you approach them in a social manner. Don’t ever attempt to sell on Facebook or the other social media sites. Engage. Show funny videos. Ask people to share their favorite recipe or movie. Then whenever you have a new blog post, share it on your social media accounts.

It should be noted that some entrepreneurs do a really good job turning Facebook Groups into a steady stream of free traffic. In a lot of cases, this is because they are paying for Facebook ads targeted to a specific audience. Be very wary of spending money on Facebook, or any other social media site, unless you are absolutely certain you know what you’re doing. We’re focusing on free traffic in this challenge, so understand that social media sites can provide free traffic, but you should spend minimal amounts of time pursuing this low-converting free traffic source.

How much time do you spend on social media each day or week? If you sat down and actually tracked your time you might be surprised. The long and the short of it is that the longer  you spend active and engaged on social media, the better your traffic results will be.

However, you probably don’t have all day every day to spend on social media. So how do you improve your results?

Improve and Maximize Your Time on Social Media

  1. Set Concrete Goals

Before you can really accomplish much with social media you have to decide what it is you’re aiming for. Why are you on social media and what do you want to achieve? Be specific.

  1. Create a Strategy

Review your existing social media marketing efforts. Do those efforts support your new goals? If they do, integrate them into your plan. If not, let them go and create new tactics to achieve your social media goals.

For example, if your goal is to use social media to build your email list then you might try hosting quarterly events on Facebook. Within your strategy be sure to also include a structured posting and interacting schedule. When will you publish on each site? What will you publish? When will you interact and connect on social media?

  1. Monitor Your Results and Your Time

Finally, stay on top of how your efforts are paying off. Be patient and remember that substantial social media success can take time. However, with a focused effort you should see steady and incremental results. Pay attention to the tactics that work most effectively and hone your strategy to embrace those tactics.

Homework – Evaluate how much time you spend on social media and how you’re spending your time. For example, how much time do you spend each week commenting and responding to comments? How much time do you spend creating content? Where do the majority of your results come from?

Decide how much time you’ll spend using social media to promote your blog each week – and then stick to that plan.  We’ll talk more about having a daily social media schedule tomorrow!

September 27, 2018