Growing your list doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take consistent effort. Focus on one or two ideas each day and you’ll be growing your list in no time. Here are some list building ideas to get you started.

  1. Use the report template included in our email list swipe bundle to help your readers solve a problem. A free report or other useful document is a great way to attract targeted subscribers.
  2. Host a free webinar to collect names and addresses at registration. Or you can charge for the webinar and grow your list of customers instead.
  3. Include a subscription box on all the pages of your website. In addition, include opt-in offers right in the body of your blog posts and other content. Your visitors are there for the great information and don’t always notice opt-in boxes on the sidebar, but if you make a relevant free offer right in the content they’re reading, they’re more likely to subscribe.
  4. Create an opt-in page using the template included in our email list swipe file bundle. It’s only purpose is to entice your visitors with the benefits of signing up for your list. Use this landing page for driving targeted traffic to your site, instead of just sending them to your home page that is filled with distractions.
  5. Hold an online contest for a free giveaway where entrants can opt-in to your list when they enter.
  6. Add your opt-in offer to your social media profile pages. You can even make a custom tab on your Facebook Page for opt-ins.
  7. Encourage your current subscribers to share or forward your emails. Include social sharing buttons as well as an “email this to a friend” button. Include a subscribe link at the bottom of all your emails to make it easier for those receiving forwarded emails to opt-in.
  8. Offer email-only exclusive deals and information to add value for your subscribers.
  9. Write guest posts on popular blogs that target a similar audience. Use the link in your byline to promote your free opt-in offer. If they love your post, they’re more likely to sign up for your list and get more content.  Be sure to mention a free opt-in offer that’s related to the topic of your guest post so people have an incentive to sign up for your list.
  10. Advertise your free offer. You can use advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adwords and more. Or purchase ads in other people’s newsletters.
  11. Publish content on sites like YouTube, Facebook and other content-sharing sites and drive traffic back to your opt-in page.
  12. A free offer doesn’t have to be a report or a webinar. You can also create videos, audios, templates, coupon codes, apps, spreadsheets, a statistical analysis and other useful content that your visitor will readily opt-in for.
  13. If you’re new to email marketing, start with one opt-in offer, but remember there is no limit to how many you can create to drive the most targeted traffic possible to your mailing list. For example, if you have a website about gardening…you can offer a variety of free reports that help your visitors solve common gardening problems.
  14. Deliver stellar content and perks that your subscribers can’t get elsewhere and they’ll stay on your list. They’ll also become your cheerleaders and refer new subscribers to your list.

If you’re already publishing to a blog or social media, incorporating list building tactics is a simple and extremely valuable thing to do. Put more of your focus into growing your list and you’ll have a valuable blogging asset for life.

Today’s Task

Choose one item from the list above – the easiest one – and add that feature to your blog today.  #3 is a super easy one to start with.  Also, consider offering this to another blogger: you will email your list about their freebie offer – and they will email their list about your freebie offer.  It’s great exposure for both of you!

P.S. One final option – if your friends and family fit in with your blog’s niche – share your freebie offer with them and ask them to share it on Facebook or Pinterest.  You’d be amazed at how excited people can be to help you get your email list growing!

October 31, 2018