The company wants you to share content that you find relevant or interesting, no matter where it is located online. This means you want to check out the websites and blogs of influential people in your business niche. You can do this by heading to Google, or your preferred search engine, and typing “your blog or site topic” followed by the words blogs, forums, and groups.

If you are into knitting, you would type “knitting blogs”, “knitting forums”, etc., into an Internet search engine. Browsing the results can quickly give you an idea of who the online leaders are in your niche or field. When you find information that appeals to you, as long as there is a picture somewhere on that page of web content, you can pin that content to one of your boards.

When you pin content from some source other than yourself, be respectful. Mention the website or person who created the content, and give credit where credit is due. Always remember in your pin descriptions to use relevant keywords and phrases that center around the central topic of your business and Pinterest marketing plan.

Now let’s look at pinning your own content, a great way to build your brand and drive traffic.

Pinning Your Own Content

Here is a secret pinning tip that will automatically improve the amount of traffic you are getting from Pinterest. Veterans know that between 2 and 4 PM and nighttime on weekdays are when Pinterest receives the most user volume. Weekends are also good for traffic. This is when you want to be scheduling your pinning activity. Even if you only pin for a few minutes a couple of times each day, this small effort at just the right time can create an avalanche of interest and traffic

The traffic needs to know where to go.

That means making sure your pins are linking back to your blog content so that people can go there to check out more. The more information about the source of pins, whether that source is your web property or someone else’s, the better chance you have in developing a good reputation on Pinterest, and the more traffic you will get.

Creating Images Pinterest Loves

Since images are the heart and soul of Pinterest, make sure you are adding plenty of visual content to your site. Don’t forget that your captions should be keyword rich, to help both Pinterest and the search engines understand just what your business is about.

Canva can help you make perfect Pinterest-friendly images that you can add to the content on your blog or website. They are free to use, and should be considered for helping you add images to your online presence that you know will look great on Pinterest.

You should be pinning any and every piece of content from your site onto your Pinterest boards. However, spread them around. Make several boards based on your keywords and categories, and pin the content on your blog to multiple boards. Also, don’t make a Pinterest profile with just content from your site. Pinterest frowns on this, so make sure that the content you pin from your own web properties is just a portion of all of the pins and boards you create on Pinterest.

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September 27, 2018