Day 10: Identify Most Popular Posts and Improve Poor Performers

Yesterday you checked out the analytics of your blog. No doubt there were some positive and negative surprises. Understanding the numbers of your business is extremely important. However, that knowledge is absolutely useless unless you put it to work. That’s what you are going to do today.

Look at those blog posts and pages that are performing the best for you. What do they have in common? Do they have catchy titles that draw a surfer in and beg them to read more? Are they long or short? Do they have videos and images? Do most of them cover a similar topic?

Try to uncover what it is about these popular pages that has made them your top performers. Then do the same thing with underperforming pages and posts. Write down the topics of your best performing content. Put that list aside for later, because you will use these to make future posts that cover information your audience evidently loves to read about.

This information is also great for surveying your audience. You can ask your readers and email list members why they preferred some pages, posts and material over others. One simple way to do this is by using a tool called Survey Monkey, which you will be putting to work tomorrow during your 21 day challenge

August 17, 2018