Create an Action Plan to Attack Your Goals

The goal setting process requires that you create an action plan to attack your goals. You must have a step-by-step process in place that indicates how you intend achieving your goal. That can be a simple list of all the resources you need to acquire, skills you need to master, support you need to procure, etc.

It is easy to focus solely on the outcome of your intended goal and forget the steps you need to take for you to achieve that desired outcome. You’ll need to avoid the temptation of skipping through some of the items on your list because you want to dodge the responsibility that comes with it.

Having a goal comes with a lot of tasks. Don’t go from item A through to Z without considering items B, C, D, and everything in between, because that will make it so much more difficult to reach your goal. Start by writing down all of the individual steps necessary for achieving your goal, then go back and put them in a logical order. Then, follow these steps religiously as it is your roadmap that you will use to execute your plan as flawlessly as possible.

Create small, consistent, flexible daily actions and tasks that will continually drive you towards your goal. But also make sure to maintain a flexible approach to unexpected circumstances or obstacles that cross your path. That is a very simple, yet effective way to beat off procrastination.

Just as the CEO of The Aha! Advantage and author of Zero Resistance, Harry Mills aptly said: “Successful entrepreneurs map out their goals to achieve them. Entrepreneurs that develop a map to reach an achievement or overcome indecision are compelled to take action.”

When you have a plan in place, it makes you official, and working the plan makes you successful. Devote enough time to the planning of your goal. Don’t forget to revisit the plan on a regular basis to see if it needs to be modified. It’s common for a big goal to change and morph as we go along.

If you have taken the time to draw up a good plan, why not use it? You may feel tempted on some occasions to keep changing your mind or to develop new plans when things begin to go awry with your initial plan. That often signals a lack of clarity about what step to take next. Spend some time considering where you currently are and the action steps you have listed. Heck, look at your big hairy goal. Is that still what you want? Use the knowledge and skills you’ve learned to make any logical adjustments as you see fit. The process is all about you!

Also, while you are executing your plan, endeavor to seek the advice of your peers. That could be someone like a former business partner, a trusted advisor, or a mentor. Such individuals might be able to provide some insight which you may have overlooked in the creation of your plan. They can also help you get clear about what you want and the next steps on the path.

Finally, for best results, try to make them fun, creative, and more exciting. If possible, you could even turn your plans into a game where you reach checkpoints and complete levels. There are apps available that do this for you. The point to take home here is that your goals should build your interest long term and keep you focused and motivated on what is most important to you.

Today’s Task:

For the next 6 months, choose 2 goals per month that you want to accomplish on your blog.  You can add more goals later but choose 2 concrete, tangible things that you want to accomplish for your blog each month – and your month will be a success if you complete them!

August 29, 2018