Create Accountability For your Goals

Creating accountability for your goals is another important tip that helps many people not only set better goals but also make it easier to achieve them. If you are working on goals in secret and there are some tasks you aren’t looking forward to it’s easy to let them slide. Having even one person who you are accountable to can help you stay steadfast and motivated.

It is important that you hire an accountability partner that regularly checks up on you to see how you are progressing. It could be your friend or a family member. Explain to them what your goal is and why accomplishing it is so important to you. Remember to include the timeframe so that they can help you with it.

An accountability partner will regularly ask you how you are getting on with your goal and offer help or advice if you need encouragement. Plan to meet and speak with them at least one day each week. Provide them with an update on your activities and the progress towards your goal. Once that is done, you can let them know about the next tasks or projects coming up.

Accountability partners are invaluable in achieving your goals. They hold you accountable but should keep you motivated as well. You aren’t looking for a drill sergeant. You are looking for a partner to help keep you on track in a loving, secure way. So, make sure that your accountability partner is the encouraging type and not someone that would downplay your goals or rub it in your face if you miss a target. If the person you chose to be your accountability partner isn’t encouraging, don’t hesitate to find someone who is.

Another positive means of support is to find a mentor. Look for someone who is already successful in the particular core life areas you are aiming for and aligns with your purpose. Encourage them to share their stories and experiences, then take your time to learn from their mistakes. Your mentor will expertly help you in creating accountability for your goals.

Also, try to study random people, topics, and skills related to your goals. One way that you can continually refresh your motivation and become more accountable for your goals is to undertake goal-related learning tasks.

That just means you learn new skills and study exciting topics that are related to your goals. Read biographies of successful people who aimed for the same things that you want and achieved them. You might take an online course through Great Courses or Udemy. Or join a Meetups group that focuses on the skills you are practicing and learning. Doing this will make you feel motivated to pursue your goals and to continue on the course.

Today’s Task:

Find at least one person to keep you accountable to your blogging goals and routine.  This could be a blogging friend – or just someone in your life that you know will check in with you.  Set a specific date for when they can check in with you and you give them a progress report.  Once a week or once a month – however often you feel that having that accountability with help you keep on track.

August 29, 2018