Common SEO Myths

There are some truths and some lies about search engine optimization you need to know. Keep the following points in mind every time you attempt to let the search engines know what you are writing about, and when you are trying to rank high for particular keywords.

Myth – Search Engine Optimization Will Get You Penalized by Google

If you practice black hat SEO tactics, you certainly do run the risk of getting delisted by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Paying link farms for thousands of backlinks to your site and buying fake reviews for your products and services is not a smart way to grab Google’s attention. However, smart SEO practices, such as adding alt text to your images and internally linking your content are things that Google appreciates you doing.

Myth – Linking Multiple Blogs on the Same Topic or Niche Will Get You Lots of Traffic

This used to be a very effective SEO tactic. You would build 5 or 10 blogs or websites, all on the same basic topic. You would link one to another, and that website to the next, continuing until you had a complete circle of sites linked to one another. Then each one of those sites would point directly to your main blog. Google has come out in recent years and said that they do not look very fondly on this practice.

Myth – SEO Is a One-Time Job

Search engine algorithms are always changing. You are always adding new content to your site, or you should be. Some content gets outdated. Links may “die”, because the websites you are linking to and from disappear. There are a lot of reasons for looking at search engine optimization as an ongoing process, and not a one-time job.

Myth – Google Hates Link Building

When Google’s own John Mueller in 2015 stated that link building is something he would try to avoid if he wanted to keep Google happy and he was building a website, concerned bloggers began pulling down their backlinks.

Natural backlinks, internal backlinks and other healthy SEO practices are appreciated by the search engines. They let search engines know how influential your site is, and where your traffic is coming from. What Mueller was referring to is the practice of building hundreds or thousands of links to a site or webpage that are not naturally and honestly created.

Myth – All You Have to Do Is Rank Really High for One Monster Keyword and Your SEO Work Is Done

No, you really don’t want to do that. Writing tons and tons of content trying to link your blog posts and web content only for the keyword phrase “how to make money blogging” is a waste of time. The best way to rank for any particular niche or topic is to have several long, relevant, valuable pieces of content that have to do with all the topics and keywords and phrases that relate to your main focus.

This will get you traffic coming in for multiple longtail and shorter keywords and phrases. When Google sees that a whole bunch of different words and phrases, all related to a particular niche, are sending people to your site, each one of those individual keywords begins to rise in the rankings. Target multiple, relevant keywords and phrases, rather than just 1 or 2.


August 18, 2018