Day #9: Common Blogging Mistakes That Can Cost You Traffic

Now you’re ready to really get serious about getting more blog readers. But first, here are ten mistakes bloggers often make that cost them traffic.

  1. Not reading other blogs. Spend some time reading other people’s blogs, not just for commenting or networking, but to get a feel for what makes a good blog. You’ll get ideas for your own blog, as well as information on what kind of blogs are already out there in your niche.
  2. Copying content. Never copy content from another blog. Make your blog unique. Try to do something with your blog that you don’t see anyone else doing.
  3. Too much design. A good blog has a clean design where the post is the star of the show. There shouldn’t be clashing colors or design elements that clutter up the blog. Also, don’t use any design elements like Flash Player or extensive ads that take time to load.
  4. Too much promotion. Naturally, you want people to see your blog. But don’t make it all about promotion. When talking about your blog, tell people how it will benefit them. Make it reader-focused and never about you.
  5. Not sticking to schedule. Create a publishing schedule and stick to it. Don’t try to publish a new post every day. Instead, decide on how often you can post and create a schedule from there. Frequency doesn’t matter as much as consistency.
  6. Text only. Add images and other media to your blog. This makes it much more interesting to look at. Also, images will appear on your social media posts when you share.
  7. Boring titles. Spend time thinking of good titles for your posts that are enticing and original. In many cases, the title is all a potential reader will see before they decide whether to read on or not.
  8. Too many keywords. Keywords are important to SEO but don’t get overly obsessed with them. You only need a few keywords at a time. Use them naturally and don’t stuff.
  9. Not mobile-ready. Make sure that your blog looks good on mobile devices. It should either have a mobile version or be mobile-ready. At least some portion of your readers will be accessing your site via mobile.
  10. Not checking analytics. It’s very important to keep a steady routine of checking analytics to see if your efforts are paying off.

Today’s Assignment:

Take a hard look at your blog –

  • Are you ready for more traffic? 
  • Is your content relevant, helpful, informative, etc.?
  • Are you making any of the mistakes listed above?

Choose ONE problem area on your blog that you’ll fix today.

September 25, 2018