Big Blunders That Can Make Your Online Course or Information Product a Flop

Waiting for Perfection before Publishing/Launching

Internet marketing veterans will tell you to create an MVP when you are designing an online course or information product. MVP stands for minimally viable product. That means as soon as your creation is “good enough”, get it out there. If you strive for perfection before launching your course or information product, you will never get there.

Building a Course or Creating a Product without Knowing If Anybody Wants It

Just because you are passionate about something or think it is a great idea and needs to become an information product you can sell, the world will not necessarily beat a path to your door to purchase it. Keyword research and market research absolutely must happen before you sit down to create an online course or develop an information product. See what your audience wants, and then give it to them.

Not Testing For Kinks In The Process

Recently, I launched a brand new product to my list and quickly found out that my payment processor wasn’t working!  I had dozens of people “buy” my product but I never received their payment due to the error.  Imagine the humiliation of emailing everyone to tell them they had to “pay again”!

Ask a friend or one of your best readers to help you with testing the purchase process to make sure all the kinks are worked out before promoting to a larger audience!

August 18, 2018