Attach a Timeframe to Your Goals

Attaching a timeframe to your goals is a very important tip which you must not neglect when setting goals for yourself. Vague timelines for a goal makes it easy to succumb to procrastination and seek instant gratification instead.

By setting a realistic timeframe for achieving a goal, you consciously give yourself a deadline that will constantly remind you subconsciously to keep yourself on your toes. A deadline gives you a sense of urgency that something is at stake, a state of mind that is lacking when goals are open-ended.

Moreover, by attaching a timeframe to your goals, you will get to celebrate your milestone victories, and anticipate a big celebration for when you accomplish your goal. Never underestimate the motivation of the reward system.

It can be easy to lose focus when things start to get bumpy. Something as small as having a cold one week can be enough to get you out of your groove. Life happens, and things won’t always go according to plan. But that’s okay. Expecting it is half the battle. When such times occur, having a creative goal reminder you can refer to can prove very useful.

For instance, you can create a collage poster of your goals using magazine pictures and words that aptly represent the various aspects of your goals. You can also create a mind map of your goals. Putting your goals down on mobile flashcards is another great way of giving yourself a sense of urgency.

Another useful method for keeping yourself on your toes is by getting a countdown timer. A countdown timer is a great tool that you can use to set the deadline for accomplishing your goals. Just set the timer to count down how many days left before you need to achieve your goal. As the deadline day draws nearer, the reality and expectation of reaching your goal will dawn on you. That will help keep you motivated.

Finally, making simple yet convincing affirmations can prove very powerful in keeping you centered and focused on your daily objectives. It may be difficult for some to be able to follow through with affirmations they make for themselves but with some self-discipline, cultivating this valuable habit can become second nature to you. And it’s worth the effort.

Today’s Task:

Think in terms of 6 month, one year, and 5 year goals for your blog.  What do you want to see at each of those time points?

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August 29, 2018