To make this step as easy as possible, I HIGHLY recommend using the Landing Page Templates that Bluchic offers.  Their templates are easy to use and will make creating your series of pages a breeze.

Another option that makes creating landing pages really, really easy is Thrive Themes.  They even offer a free beginner’s guide to creating landing pages!

In Thrive, you can create the first page using a template (be sure to pick a template that works for ALL pages). Then you can just duplicate that page (with the duplicate button that comes with the plugin) and use the duplicates to create the thank you and confirmation pages for any offer you might have.

Finally, if you don’t have the funds to purchase either of the above options, your WordPress theme may come with a Landing Page style built-in.  When you create a page on your blog, look to the right for a drop-down that lists your available page layouts with your particular theme.  If you don’t have a specific landing page layout, you can also create a full-width page (with no sidebars) and put your information on that page.

What goes on the Thank You Page:

On the thank you page you’re going to put a link to the up-sell product or service that you decided you are creating your freebie opt-in offer to sell. Yes, right away. Yes, you are selling something. 😉

Don’t skip this part!

It’s very important that you let people know you are not “running a charitable establishment”!

You are not doing this for free and when people see an offer after they immediately opt-in for something free they are either going to run away crying that you don’t just do your business out of the kindness of your heart and how DARE you try to sell something OR they’re going to be an awesome, reasonable, realistic person who is HAPPY to pay you fairly for something that will add MORE value to their .

Can you guess which person you want on your email list? 😉

Here are are some examples of a couple of nice thank you pages…

Here’s a simple one by Crissy Herron. No upsell other than to join her facebook group: There is a free trial link to ConvertKit (affiliate) and a link to a client care kit (also affiliate I believe)… those are smart affiilate maketing and, effectively small upsells.

Here’s Melissa Ingold’s download page. She’s an EXPERT at upsells and she does an excellent job of making an offer. It’s basically a salespage and a download page combined!

What goes on the Confirmation Page:

This is the page the reader goes to when they click the link in their email to confirm that they are subscribed to your list.

You could put another upsell offer here. There’s no rule against it. You might want to give it a break though and just give them the free offer. It’s just a matter of choice at this point.

You might choose to just invite people to join your facebook group on your confirmation page. You could put your second upsell inside the product area of your first upsell.  This way, the only people who see that one are the people who actually invest in the $7 upsell. Then I do mention that second upsell all throughout the emails I sent for my free webinar offer.

However you do it, today is the day to create the Thank you/Confirmation page for your new opt-in offer!  Even if you just get a very basic, “Thanks for grabbing my freebie – here’s the link to access it” message on your page, you need to get that page created.  You can always tweak it later if you so choose.

October 9, 2018