There’s a few different ways you can deliver your freebie to your readers: I recommend doing things the simplest way.  You can upload your PDF to Google Docs and grab the link to share it.  Or, you can upload your file to your WordPress blog and grab the media link to share.

Once you have your shareable link, put that in your emails and/or on your download pages to give to people after they have opted in to your free offer.

If you have a shopping cart, such as SendOwl, you can also set up free products in there if you’d like and use the files section in SendOwl to upload and deliver your freebie instead of using Google Docs or WordPress. Keep in mind you usually have a limit to the size of the file you can upload.

Download Delivery Tips:

  • Give a link to your download IN the welcome email. Make it obvious and easy to click.
  • Give a link to your download on the confirm page, too, so that they have their next click after they click confirm.
  • ASK them if they got their download ok. One of the most responded to emails I’ve ever written are the ones that simply ask people if they got what they signed up for (or bought). People are SO grateful that you actually checked in on them.
  • Send a few reminders. People get busy! They won’t always act on your freebie right away. A great way to get them to look again is to pick points from your freebie and tease them about it in your email sequence. Something like “Hey did you see my tip on email marketing on page six of the report? It’s really surprised me to see how much people appreciated it when I sent out this simple question.”

Get to it, and don’t forget to ask for help in the member community if you are a member.

October 9, 2018