I realize that one day to create your offer is not a long time but I assigned this as one action on one day on purpose.

I want you to THINK about how you CAN create something that quickly. Because I guarantee you if you give yourself two weeks to create you will fill that whole space and if you’re like me you’ll only need about four hours on the last day to do it.

So. We do this in one day. We use day two for editing.

You can edit your own stuff and I recommend you DO that first by reading what you wrote out loud. When we write we are not talking out loud to ourselves and sometimes it just doesn’t SOUND right and you don’t really spot that until you read it back – out loud. Do that and then get someone else to review it. A friend, colleague or if you are in the BlogHappy.Club member community, come on in and find yourself an accountability partner for this challenge and review each other’s freebies.

You can also use the weekend to catch up on actions four and five so that you are ready to go with Action #6 on Monday morning, bright and early!

Please let me know what you create! I’d love to see you posting it in the facebook group! 

Now get to that editing and make it shine! 😉

October 9, 2018