So you remember from action one that I determined that I wanted to hold a webinar first and then decided what to do for the upsell. I’m asking you to do your first few funnels the opposite way so that you can really get the hang of creating MORE than just a one-time freebie.

You see, if I had done my typical thing I would have created the webinar and left it at that. I would have thought that I didn’t have time to create an offer on top of creating a webinar (let’s face it – webinars are a lot of work!). I would have just been satisfied with adding people to my email list and I’d decide to work on the selling part later.

However, I didn’t do it that way this time!

Instead I made the upsell and the drive to my membership site just as much or MORE of a priority than the actual giveaway.

So I want you to do Action #1 FIRST, then decide on your freebie. Or, do them together until you come up with a plan that makes complete and total sense.

Sound fair? Good! Let’s get to some of the things to consider as you decide on your reader’s FIRST needs.

I’m thinking the easiest way to relay this info is in point form because there are a number of points I want you to know about offering a freebie that actually dispel many of the myths there are about free opt-in offer giveaways:

  • You need to make your freebie VALUABLE. Now I know you know this but I want you from now on to STOP thinking about your free opt-in AS a free opt-in. Sounds weird, right? Especially since it IS a free opt-in!

    Instead, think of it as a PAID PRODUCT you are offering for FREE. Why? Because you have to be of the mindset that you are creating high value and you have to create that value LIKE it’s worth money. Otherwise you will be tempted to throw something less than valuable or exciting up and hope it works… then be disappointed when it doesn’t.


  • VALUABLE does NOT mean long, complicated or hard to make. Don’t confuse this. When I say it should be valuable it means that people would be willing to pay for it, it does NOT mean it has to be 100 pages or 30 hours of content. No, oftentimes in this over-stimulated society less is very much more. You could do a simple checklist, resources sheet or single webinar and it can be highly valuable. More on the kind of things you could create as your freebie in the next action step.


  • To make your funnel work, you’re going to need something that goes BEFORE the offer you are making people. Here are some examples:

    1) You are upselling a course on facebook ads and your freebie is “7 facebook ad templates that made us $1,000 each last month”.
    2) You are selling Virtual Assistant services and your freebie is “The one massive mistake almost EVERYONE makes when outsourcing that costs them over $5,000 in their first year.”
    3) You are selling a business planner and your freebie is “Your Action Plan to put your business on auto-pilot and take the summer off this year!”

    Here’s a BIG hint: If you can help people Save Time, Save Money or MAKE Money you are going to get them excited!

So have at it! Pick your potential new subscriber’s FIRST Needs and create your freebie offer idea!

October 9, 2018