Before you even THINK about what your free offer needs to be, you want to figure out what the next step is for your potential client or customer is. Yes we are talking about a sales funnel. You need at least one next step, but you can even have two or even more if you want.

For example:  Let’s say I just put on a webinar that was a free opt-in offer to build my email list. Before I created that offer I decided that I wanted to give those who opted in to the webinar a chance to learn more about how to create a successful profitable blog. So I designed a brand new training to walk them through the 7 Steps to a Successful, Profitable Blog. Then, I decided that I wanted to offer a 50% discount on my BlogHappy.Club to those who bought the 7 Steps product.

See how that creates a nice, natural flow from one offer to the next?

So, the flow of the funnel is:

  1. Opt-in Freebie landing page – where visitors subscribe to get access to my free webinar
  2. $7 Upsell page – where people who just subscribed to my list can get my fast action 7 Step plan at a great deal
  3. Membership Upsell – this is where I can send people who purchased my upsell to get a great deal on becoming a member on my site

This won’t happen by accident and it’s massively harder to do AFTER you’ve created your freebie, but not impossible.

The best way to create your freebie is to know exactly where you want it to lead AFTER people have come on board and create it with that next step very much in mind.

So here are some prompts to get your thinking about what your reader’s next step should or could be:

  • Offer a freebie that teaches people how to do something they need to do before they hire you. Ie. If you are a website designer, teach them how to buy hosting or choose a domain name.
  • Offer a freebie that gives people the tools they need to use your product. Ie. If you sell a course on social media, teach people about Hootsuite, Meet Edgar or some other popular tool they’ll use as a result of your training.
  • Offer a checklist to get to a result your course teaches. Ie. If you teach people how to become virtual assistants, give them a full checklist of the steps they’d take so they can see what they need to do and then sell them a full course on how to do all the things on the checklist.

The options are completely endless and you really just need to think of YOUR people, those you want to serve and their needs.

This must be done if you want to create a perfect opt-in offer. So take some time to really think about this and then record your answer.

If you can think of multiple answers write them all down, choose one for now and do the rest later.

Get to it! 😉

October 9, 2018