8 Ways To Get Free Content For Your Blog

Free content opportunities are everywhere. Some take a bit of work – whether it’s wading through content to find what you want or finding writers who will work for exposure. But overall, it’s worthwhile and a whole lot less work than creating all the content yourself.

  • Guest Bloggers: You’ve likely heard the term “guest blogging” as it’s very popular right now. Writers are offering to write ORIGINAL (not reprint stuff) content for blogs in return for the exposure and links back to their website. Guest bloggers may write just one post for you or on ongoing basis, depending what you arrange. 
    Because the writer is writing original content for you, you have a bit more say about the finished product in the case of guest blogging. Share information on your target market and your company’s knowledge and message, so they can write content according to that.
    You can find guest bloggers by asking directly. You can also set up a “Guest Bloggers” page on your site, telling your visitors what you are looking for and how to submit an original post for consideration.
  • Reprint Articles: You’ve probably heard of and used article directories like EzineArticles.com. These are websites that readily publish content that you can publish on your own website, as long as you include the author’s resource box and link. You often also have to include a link to the article directory as well. It’s easy, ready-made content and doesn’t cost you any cash out of pocket.
    Sometimes it’s hard to find quality content in article directories, but if you find something that fits in perfectly with your Company Knowledge and what your readers are looking for, it can be a win-win situation for you and the author.
  • Contact Writers: There’s no need to limit yourself to what’s available in article directories. If you find an article that you’d like to publish, contact the author directly. Tell them why you’d like to publish their content (why it’s so good and why your readers would love it) and that you would obviously include their resource box and link to their site. Not all authors will agree to let you publish their content, but this is an easier way to go straight to AWESOME content, instead of wading through mediocre stuff in an article directory.
  • Ask Your Readers Questions: A relatively easy way to get some content on your website is to ask your readers a question. Pick a hot topic and create a blog post asking for their opinion. Send your question out to your mailing list, social media contacts and ask others to spread the word, so you can get a good discussion going.
  • Interviews: Find an expert or someone you market wants to hear from. It might be on of your successful clients/customers or simply someone with an interesting opinion or perspective on your topic. Email the questions, conduct a recorded interview or whatever works for you and your interviewee.
  • Ask the Experts: For regular content, you might send out a weekly, biweekly or monthly question to a panel of experts. Take their answers and publish. Voila! Ready-made content for you on the topic of your choosing.
  • YouTube Videos: Just like reprints, you can publish other people’s videos on your site. And unlike reprint articles where you must publish a byline…all you have to do is copy-and-paste the code from YouTube and put it on your site.
  • Affiliate Program Content: Many affiliate programs provide pre-made content like articles, videos and reports that you can publish. The content is self- promotional, but you get to include your affiliate link and may earn some commissions by publishing it.
August 22, 2018