2 Successful “Old School” SEO Methods That Don’t Work Anymore

The following 2 SEO techniques used to be extremely good at getting you relevant traffic. Not only do they not work anymore, Google frowns upon them, and is more likely to punish you that reward you for these tactics.

1 – High Keyword Density Doesn’t Work Anymore

Back in the earliest part of the 21st century, you could simply cram the same keyword into your content over and over, and Google would send you traffic. In some cases, the traffic was significant. Unfortunately, content like this just doesn’t read properly. Consider the following.

“Dog training programs are great for training dogs. If you are looking for a dog training program, there are probably some behavioral issues you are trying to correct with your pooch. You could purchase a dog training program online, or buy a book about dog training. If you would like to see some highly rated dog training programs, check our list below.”

That was probably very hard for you to read. It just doesn’t flow. You keep getting pounded in the head about dog training programs, and in the olden days, this type of writing would get lots of traffic. Make sure you don’t do this, and you write to be understood first. Then you can go back and add industry-specific keywords here and there.

Keyword density is a phrase that describes how many times every 100 words you have a particular keyword or phrase. In the above example about dog training programs, the keyword density is roughly 6.6%. That means every 100 words, the phrase “dog training program(s)” would be found 6.6 times. Yikes! That’s too much, and Google will spank you.

These days, having a particular word or a variation of the word 2 times every 100 words is more than enough to let the search engines know what your content is about.

2 – Change up Your Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text which is contained in an external link that points to one of your blog posts or webpages. In the past, again using the above example, you would have almost all your backlinks containing the anchor text “dog training program”.

Just like keyword stuffing, this doesn’t make Google very happy anymore. They want content that is natural. If you have a blog post that has 100 backlinks pointing to it from other sites and social media channels, you want several words and phrases that are related to the main idea of that blog post. If you are writing about dog training, you may want the anchor text on incoming links to use several of the following dog training-related phrases.

  • Dog training
  • Dog training programs
  • How to train your dog
  • Housebreaking your puppy
  • Teaching your dog to heel
  • Stopping your dog from biting

All those phrases ensure that Google will send you traffic related to those topics. Google likes to see variety, with that variety having a central focus or theme. Be sure to use anchor text that definitely relates to whatever webpage or blog post you are pointing to, and focus on several relevant phrases rather than using only one.

August 18, 2018