Simply having a list is just the beginning. Now, you need to send regular messages to your list that offer valuable content and promotions that your subscribers can use. The best practice is to offer a variety of different messages. Here are ten ideas for what to send in follow-up emails.

  1. Promotions

Send promotions for your own or affiliate products. Keep in mind that not every email should be purely promotional. However, each should contain a call to action.

  1. Offers From Partners

You can also send offers from joint venture partners. Many marketers team up with others in their niche to cross-promote.

  1. Freebies, Discounts, and Deals

You know that you need to offer a freebie to entice people to sign up for your list, but you should keep the freebies coming after they’ve subscribed as well.

  1. Informational Content

The bulk of what you offer through your list should be informational content that offers tips and advice to help your subscribers solve their problems.

  1. Breaking News

Include in your emails current events that are interesting or relevant to your audience. Tell them about any news stories that may affect them. Take relevant news stories and summarize them, adding your own commentary.

  1. Multimedia Content

You can offer videos and audios through your email list as well. People love multimedia content. For bandwidth reasons, you may instead choose to send links to websites where visitors can find the video and audio content.

  1. What’s New

Send your list an email letting them know whenever you have a new blog post or video published, or anything else new on your site that they might be interested in. Let them know what’s happening on your Facebook or other social media pages.

  1. Response to Feedback

You can turn emails or comments into message starters. When someone asks you a question or makes a comment, respond to it to your whole list. Chances are good that others have the same question or concern. Make sure it’s anonymous and don’t mention the person by name.

  1. Surveys and Polls

Conduct surveys and polls through your email list. This is a great way to get your subscribers engaged with your company and also gives you valuable feedback.

  1. Get Personal

Sometimes it’s good to relate personal stories, give your opinions, or just plain rant. This makes your marketing more personal and helps your subscribers get to know you. But, proceed down this path with caution and watch analytics carefully. Some lists don’t like personal emails.

The best practice is to mix up your content and monitor it to see what kinds of messages get the best response.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

For each of the above content types that might apply to your business, brainstorm at least 5 more ideas for emails

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