If you’re running a blog, coming up with fresh ideas month after month isn’t always easy. When you first start out, you may have hundreds of ideas that you can get to work on, but these will eventually run out and you’ll have to think of more. Constantly having a bank of ideas is great for your blogging productivity, so you’re never left wondering what to write. Here are a few tips to get you going…

  1. Ask other people

Ask your friends, your family, or your current blog subscribers. You can get talking to anybody about the blog you’re running and see what they have to say. Or just see what comes up in conversation when you talk about your niche topic. Even if you don’t use their exact ideas, it’s a good way to pick up some new thoughts and concepts.

  1. Create a big list

Sit down and create a huge list of everything you can possibly think of that relates to your blog. If you’re running a blog on furniture, you can write about decorating many different venues, such as wedding halls and churches, family homes and retirement homes, businesses and offices, shops and stores and everything in between. You can write about furnishing a place for the first time or buying new items. Give your readers ideas about how to do things, when to do things and what they can buy to do certain things. And don’t forget to start with the very basics, too. Even things that sound simple to you might be useful for readers who are complete beginners to your niche.

  1. Read other blogs

You should never copy content from other blogs, but it’s a great way to get some more ideas. General ideas cannot be copyrighted, so unless you’re taking something word for word or using somebody else’s photographs, you don’t need to give anybody credit. You might not only get ideas about what to write about, but you could pick up some tips about how to structure your posts, how to make them more friendly or how to design the page to make it easier to read.

  1. Use books and magazines

Books and magazines are great sources of blog post ideas. As with the previous tip, make sure you don’t copy anything – simply use the books and magazines as inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is scanning a table of content to get the juices flowing. Magazines are also great for figuring out what’s popular right now in your niche.

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